Uh oh! Bad boy Bruce Willis looks in the camera all naughty like! Did he… Drop a dookie in the dirty diaper? Uh oh! What a dirty boy!


Uh oh!! Chuck Norris, lookin’ for a hurtin’! He’s packing Uzi’s, and packed in big boy panties too! Is he going to shoot his guns and load his panties? What a big boy!!


Uh oh… Angry-bangry boy Terry Crews is NOT happy! You didn’t finish your job! But he came looking for you! Daddy won’t you finish diapering him up?


“Look daddy I can go walkie-walk!” Jean-Claude van Damme chirps, stomping his little feet back and forth, swinging them all over his head. Uh oh! Look out, Jean-Claude van Damme, you could fall on your bum bum and the diaper full of baby gold will sploosh open like a rotten melon! Haha!!


Uh oh… Sylvester Stallone is out in the rain, and he’s ALL wet. Except for his snug baby pampies, they keep him dry ALWAYS! Except when he bleeds in them, bleeeeeeeds in them.


Uh oh!! Lance Henriksen had an accident… All his robot android insides have done a poopie while the diaper was not yet fully strapped on!! Haha!! What a naughty boy!! Look at his face!! “Oopsiedoopsie I dids a poopsie!!” Hahaha! Now you have to clean it up!

64CFB7D1-BEA8-417F-9E3F-6F8318C25F86Sccchhhhaaawing! Scccchhhaaaawing!! Uh oh, Conan swings his sword from left to right in the Accursed Hall of a Thousand Mirrors, but the diaper won’t come off! Daddy tightened it way too good!! Why don’t you go make your poopie in the babypants, then Daddy will clean it all up!


Uh oh!!! Is Jason Statham going to shoot at you?? “Daddy I dids a dungo!” he shouts, with his finger on the trigger, “Daddy you lick it clean or I shoots you BANG! BANG!” Uh oh well now you will have to!!!


Yes, Jean-Claude van Damme, good job!! You’re sitting up, all by yourself!! … But uh-oh. Did you rip your pampers?? Did the poop burst forth like the wrath of ancient gods from the deepness of space, heading our way, unbeknownst to us, wrath sent a thousand aeons ago, speeding forth at the speed of light from the edges of our universe, our doom, our doom at hand??? Uh oh!!!! Better get the wet wipes!! “And strawberry icecream!!” Jean-Claude van Damme demands as tribute. I hope he won’t make a mess with that!!!!


“Roooaahhrrr, I’m a dinosaur,” Arnold Schwarzenegger says in his cute Austrian accent, “And I pooped in my panties! Do you see the bulge, daddy? Are you gonna clean it?” and well are you? Uh oh!! It seems like he did a big drop!
“Now the diaper is off, I shall poop and pee a little more!” Arnold Schwarzenegger giggles. Teehee!! Now you will have to clean it all up!! Such a lewd lad!

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    1. Thx!! Als je meer nodig hebt geef je maar een gil! Liever niet, trouwens, want hoe verder ik naar beneden scrollde in google images op zoek naar nieuwe luiers, hoe verontrustender de resultaten.

    1. Nee. Het wordt hoog tijd harde (maar gevoelige) vraagtekens te zetten bij de monopoliepositie van Pampers.

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