Queen of the World

You may say I’m a dreamer
But I’m not the only one
I hope someday you’ll join us
And the world will be as one
John Lennon

If I were Queen of the World, I would address the people of the World in the following manner:

People of the World,
Thank you for electing me. Together we are making the World a better place for as many as we can. This is how:

– the World is now a confederation of jurisdictions
– all people are equal: no favoritism on whatsoever basis
– what you have is what you have: there will be no coveting other people’s countries
– there will be no need of expansion anyway for countries will be jurisdictions for rules and management of the World
– those jurisdictions will be democratically governed. Their government has to be endorsed by the majority
– those governments will rule by fair laws and regulations. Fair means: beneficial for the greatest possible part of the population
– the fairness of laws will be checked by the government of the World
– those jurisdictions will care for their inhabitants by means of a basic health care for all and welfare where needed
– the people of the World will have to learn to be getting what they need, not what they want. The will ceases to be an acknowledged driving force
– we will work towards leveling of income. No excesses neither way
– we will work towards redistribution of power. No excesses neither way
– there will be a different approach to the economy of the World. The days of gluttonous share holding and stock gambling are over
– money does not rule the World, money is a means
– cruelty is not permitted. No inflected suffering will pass the World’s judgment unchecked
– religions are considered a philosophy: holding one dear will not get you any privileges
– there will be a shift in rewarding labour to an extent never seen before
– labour will be honoured and cherished. Machines will not take work away from us. It will not be degrading to physically labour but held in high esteem. Providing care for others will also be considered as labour and rewarded as such.
– love will be the underlying garment of the World, not hatred. All things love will be promoted, all things hate will be condemned
– we will cease to plunder nature. Preservation of forests, seas and such will be compensated so that the people in those area’s can thrive from it
– we will resist lobbying, pressurizing, we will try to enforce laws which are good and healthy for the majority of the world’s people
– there will be acceptance of one’s present situation without upheavals: we are working on a better future, give us time to succeed

People of the World, send us your dreams, your fears, your idea’s and your solutions. We will take them into account. Together we’ll prevail. Let us heal the World.

Oud Zeikwijf
Beroepsbrokkenpiloot. Vloog nochtans op haar achtste reeds rakelings langs bergkammen om berggeitjes en bergmarmotjes te tellen. Is tot haar eigen verdriet gemodelleerd naar haar vader, een onbehouwen Italiaanse charmeur met een groot hoofd en een passie voor even belachelijke als tijdrovende hobby’s. Komt oorspronkelijk uit Frankrijk. Heeft in Japan gewoond. Woont sinds begin jaren ’80 in een boomhut op het Waterlooplein in ‘Magies Centrum Amsterdam’, van waaruit ze haar schrijfsels via rooksignalen aan de redactie doorseint. Ze schrijft ook voor AT5, Sargasso en voor Kutbinnenlanders. En op haar eigen stukje internet: oudzeikwijf.com.

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