A Rant from the East Side

Fresh and healthy culture and deep ecology is missing in this waste land corner where computerised hell on earth for 25.000 chicken or 12.000 pigs at a time is highly subsidised lately as a mean of regional development, maybe creating 4 or 5 jobs for 5,80€ an hour. Mistreatment of live animals is subidised with some 21 million € in Saxonia, while oxigen providing culture and art is subsidised with 3 million €. ln the mean time, our dear landscape is literally covered with shit, sipping slowly into the groundwater, destroying the remains of an ecosystem.

l heard the local CDU governor sang “schwarz/braun ist der Haselnuss” when he was drunk. This detached politician (detached from our biotope called “nature”) tried to smuggle in some rule to cull the wolve population without having even the slightest hint about ecology and natural dynamics. l bet he kills ants with poison on his dear garden terrace and sprays Round Up to keep his yard concrete grey… Jesus wouldn’t have done any of that.

Some kid checked in at the daycare was named Germania, another Odin; why not Loki? NPD sing-a-long with permit at the local Gaststätte, mayor without balls or maybe even not interested or engaged. Just keep it all nice and quiet – nobody moves, nobody gets hurt. Some 50 masked neonazi emptyheads walking with burning torches through town. WTF. What’s the message there? Wanna burn? Again? Want the Russians to save us once more? Masochist offspring of disturbed victims maybe? Reminds me of the upcoming future for Congo or Liberia.

War etches deep in the soul for too many decades. lt’s messed up over here and not funny at all. People don’t get much further than Dresden Elbcenter Mall twice a year, drink too much Hasseröder when it’s on discount and listen loud to Helene Fischer. Except for violent nazis who go killing Döner Kebap cooks (preparing cheap subsidised chicken döner) far outside their own territories to be able to keep the convenience of not cooking at home in their own village for a fair price themselves. l wonder if they took garlic sauce or the other with less aroma, to not loose credit among their Arian friends. We need fresh air before they’ll start the 4th fucking reich. Heino may be co-responsible for co-starting this shit. Last 1000 year Reich lasted for 12 years; there must be something wrong with the concept l’m afraid.

Maybe thinking would make some sense? Read a book, no not Mein Kampf, that’s the real kindling material, but nobody understood that those days, because they obeyed and didn’t read as well. Or did read, but waited too long to act, because they were scared to get hurt or be on the outside. Group behaviour and dynamics are pretty scary. A chicken farmer once told me that when a dog accidently runs into the barn, chickens panic and may trample one third of the flock. Critical mass may grow every day. A while ago l read that Himmler (the baby burning German version of Loki who advised copulating on Viking graves) was a chicken farmer. Play chicken.

Last full moon l saw a fox.

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